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Welcome to Marvell St Chiropractic

Patient Focused Chiropractic Care Since 2006Marvell St Chiropractic in Byron Bay

We’re known as the friendly chiropractic clinic that delivers results and relief to those in the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers area. Marvell St Chiropractic has helped people from all walks of life optimise their health through specific, evidence-based care.

Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better. It is designed to make you instantly heal better. Academy of Chiropractic

Our sophisticated chiropractic analysis and professional treatment protocols encourage rapid pain elimination, and a return to living a life that you love.

Specificity is the Key to Chiropractic

In our years of professional experience, we’ve come to believe that if the correct analysis is carried out to locate the source of your problem, your problem will go away. If the appropriate adjustment is delivered, and that adjustment is specific and accurate, your problem will go away. Our job is to locate and correct the source of your problem. It’s often as simple as taking the pressure off of a specific nerve through a skilfully administered adjustment.


Our Practice Difference

  • We don’t subject our patients to burdensome and extensive office visits, while still producing optimal results.
  • We provide our patients with clinically-validated, evidence-based techniques that have enjoyed a long history of success.
  • We take great pains and expend much effort in carrying out an accurate analysis to determine the cause of your problem. We’re known for our attention to detail.
  • We have a reputation for creating a significant improvement in your condition in a short amount of time. We’re results-focused and patient-centred.
  • We accept all insurance, offer same-day appointments and have emergency hours 7 days a week.
  • We enjoy supportive relationships with other healthcare practitioners in the area, and never hesitate to refer out if we feel it’s necessary for a positive outcome. We also operate a satellite clinic on Norfolk Island, where we treat residents six times a year.
  • We’re tourist-friendly, and want to be of service to those suffering from pain while visiting our beautiful coastal town.
  • If you need to stay in Byron Bay longer while receiving treatment, we can make you a booking at our on site guest house.

From The Nursery to the Nursing Home

We pride ourselves on our skill and experience in caring for every member of the family. We’re qualified to deliver gentle treatment to babies and children, as well as cutting-edge care for firemen and police officers. We frequently treat budding athletes and weekend warriors, and those who want to enter their twilight years with as much vitality as possible.

Whether you’re a well-established local, or a tourist in town for a brief stay, we’re here to help. Our tools and expertise help us to address even the toughest cases. Are you or a loved one in pain, or suffering with a chronic condition? We may be able to help. Contact us to find out how Marvell St Chiropractic can help you.



Marvell St Chiropractic | Byron Bay, Ocean Shores , Suffolk Park