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Chiropractic Care

Through the use of our evidence-based approach, we’re able to effectively correct spinal misalignment patterns. At Marvell St Chiropractic we’re able to accomplish these positive spinal changes through cutting-edge adjustment techniques and research-based analysis. Our care is custom for each patient, and we use the approach that will deliver the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.

The Right Technique For Your Treatment

Here are the two techniques that we’ve come to rely on for successful outcomes:

  • Thompson Technique - developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, has evolved into a system of analysis and a way of adjusting the full spine. The combination produces precise adjustments and high levels of patient comfort. So unique is this approach, Dr. Thompson was granted a patent in 1955.
  • Gonstead Technique – The world-renowned Gonstead System of Chiropractic Technique and Analysis has a long traditional history of success, dating back to 1923. It has a reputation for excellence in spinal assessment, including instrumentation, static and motion palpation, and X-ray analysis.

“If neuroforaminal occlusion occurs along the spine, then chiropractic care can be of help, regardless of the name applied to the disease.” Dr Fred Barge

Specificity Makes All the Difference

Dr Garske takes personal pride in detailed X-ray analysis and specific adjustment in relieving the pain of his patients.

At 19 years old, before he became a chiropractor, he experienced a sudden onset of mid back pain. Unable to take a full breath, and in constant agonising pain, he was referred to a local chiropractor. After only a few visits, and with full relief, he also noticed that his monthly migraines had completely disappeared. And to this day, 30 years on, he has not had a single migraine reoccurrence. This was obviously life-changing for Dr Garske, and formed the basis of his future practice philosophy – there’s a whole lot more to chiropractic than back pain treatment!

Do you have a problem that you think is hopeless? Do you think it’s impossible to enjoy life again? Our proven techniques can make all the difference in your recovery. We’re caring and compassionate, and would love to help. Contact us today for a booking!



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